Two-room flat, ground floor

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Flat at the ground floor with a wide living room, separate kitchen, hall, 2 master bedrooms with balcony and 2 bathrooms. Chance to buy a garage located at the ground floor. Wide green areas, both pedestrian and driveway, are available in the whole estate.




The house has been built with an anti-seismic structure.
It has autonomous hydraulic, electrical and heating systems.
We paid special attention in the thermo-acoustic insulation.
Windows are made in solid wood and double glass.
Windows are protected through outer shutters made in solid wood.
The entrance gate is reinforced.
The garage has sectional doors and it is already set for being mechanized.
Garages have electrical, hydraulic and plumbing systems.
In the living room there’s an exhaust pipe for an installation of a chimney or a wood stove.