Feast of San Feliciano 2016

Holy Martyr killed in 251, near Foligno in Monte Rotondo while being brought to Romea prisoner. He was buried at the bridge of Caesar on the Sand Martin and around histomb was formed after the Nine Civitas Fulgineiie the current Foligno, who always,throughout the centuries have recognized in San Feliciano the father of the Fatherlandand the defender of the City .


Blessed Angelo

On 14 and 15 January we celebrate Blessed Angelo, patron of Gualdo Tadino.
According to tradition, the day of his death on 15 January 1324, during the transport of the body from the hermitage to the cathedral of St. Benedict, along the way took place blessed with an abundance of hawthorn hedges. Since this happens every year on the night of 14 January, when the plants of hawthorn are covered with numerous shoots despite the low temperatures of the winter season.

Thursday, January 14, at 18, there will be the celebration of vespers with the ceremony supply oil for the votive lamp by the city administration; to 21 prayer vigil animated by young people; followed by a torchlight procession, moving from the Basilica, he will head to the chapel to attend the miracle of the hawthorn blossom at night; simultaneously another candlelight vigil, organized by Cai, the hermitage of Capodacqua and retraces the ancient route taken by the body of the saint hermit back in 1324.

The two groups, usually very numerous, are reunited in front of the shrine, where they pray together, hosted by the local tourist of Hawthorn.

Friday, January 15 Masses at 6, 30, at 7:15, at 8, at 9 and 10; 11.15 solemn Eucharistic celebration presided over by the diocesan bishop, Monsignor Domenico Sorrentino; at 16, the function of transit, and vespers at 17.30, followed by commissioning.

In the 14th and 15th of the Basilica and the crypt remain open until 21.30. In addition, on Friday morning, at 10, in the council chamber of the town hall, in the presence of the bishop, it is delivered by the City “award Beato Angelo”, which this year was awarded to Radio Tadino this reason: “From forty ‘ he entered in the houses, talking to people and flies through the air with the same soul free of the first day. ” Also provided recognition plaques with special mention to the memory of the doctor Dr. Vincenzo Venarucci, because “during his career, what most distinguished him was his great passion and dedication to work, which he considered as a mission, always putting the service of others with a great spirit of humanity “; the Company of the mountain: “Established in 1886, celebrating its 130th anniversary and is one of the oldest institutions gualdesi. Survived two wars, he has been renewed in time keeping alive the spirit of partnership that contributed to its constitution “; mention also for the Police of Gualdo Tadino “for the professionalism and dedication of the spirit that has always distinguished men of the Force, with special recognition for the brilliant recovery of the Statute of Gualdo and Laudario the Confraternity of the Recommended, stolen the last year”.


Christmas market

As has become tradition, this year in the center of Gualdo Tadino, there is a “Christmas market”. The event is scheduled for the days 5-6-7-8, 12-13, 19-20, 23-24 of December. The market will develop in the traditional wooden kiosks that will be set up in Martyrs Square of Liberty and at the medieval tavern of St. Benedict in the way Soprammuro. Hobbyists can attend the event, vendors intellectual, artists, artisans, institutions, associations and non-profit entities. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to choose whether to set up its own exhibition space in the kiosk or in the tavern.

The specification and forms for the application form are available at the Planning Office of tourism and culture on the third floor of the Town Hall or by clicking on the section of the page NOTICES AND PUBLICATIONS
Applications may be submitted no later than Friday, November 27, 2015.

For more information, please call us at 075 9150265 or 075 9150277.