A house is also the place where you feel safe.

The whole housing estate is built with an anti seismic structure. The bearing structure is made of anti seismic stone with brick blocks. There is also an aerated floor slab situated between the foundations and the floors at the low grounds.



We paid special attention in the acoustic insulation of inner slabs and in the thermo-acoustic insulation of the whole housing estate. This feature is a must for a quality house.

A part of the covering inner slabs are manufactured according to the traditional double frame with beams in solid wood and overhanging brick tiles.

All the houses of the real estate are equipped with thermal insulation through an outer thermo-coat and the same insulation is foreseen on the walls that separate the several houses.

Each quality house is equipped with an independent heating system thanks to the presence of single methane fuelled boilers suitable both for hot water supply and for heating through aluminum radiators.

Also the hydraulic and electric systems are independent for every single house.

Inside every house, in the living room, there is a chimney compatible with the installation of a fireplace or a stove.

These advanced techniques will make your brand new quality house in Umbria not only beautiful to see, but also safe and complete. Come and see all these features in a property for sale of your choice, right here in Umbria.